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Like many inquiries, the answer starts within the tenets of evolutionary biology.  In order to have the best chance of passing on their genes,  a woman is faced with a dilemma.  On one hand, it’s in her best interest, seeing as she will invest 9-months in carrying a child and years rearing it, to pick the highest-quality, genetically fit male available to make babies with: this is the essence of the sexy son hypothesis.  On the other hand, she also needs a man that will stick around, that will help out in raising the children, to provide the resources that are necessary to insure a healthy and well-protected mother and child.  These two reproductive objectives are not mutually exclusive, and she intuitively weighs both factors during the dating process.  The majority of the time, she is successful in finding a mate whom meets her genetic quality standards, but will also commit to staying with her long-term.

However, there is an alternative that a deceitful minority of women can use as well – the old bait ‘n switch.  Women’s sense of smell is more acute during ovulation (women can actually smell, via pheromones, clues to a man’s genetic fitness) and women are more apt to act flirtatiously during ovulation by dressing and dancing more provocatively, as well as going out socially without their primary partner.  It makes sense, then, that women are also more prone to hook up with the alpha males they lust for, and are more prone to cheating on their boyfriends and husbands during this part of their cycle; it’s a strong, biological urge that must be hard to resist, especially if their significant other is a beta.  So those are the pre-conditions for what happens next: an unplanned pregnancy.  Now women are faced with a real dilemma, especially if they are in an long-term relationship and their man isn’t really the father.  Some choose abortion, others decide to keep child and be honest about the situation. But others will bear down and tell the pretty lie, likely convincing themselves just as much as their boyfriends, that the baby could be his, so why not just go with the convenient story. It’s a touchy subject, and not enough scientific studies have been done, but ~10% of children are unknowingly raised by father’s who aren’t actually theirs.

So then, what recourse is there for men that have been deceived?  Surely, the judicial system in the United States, fair and decent as it is, must give legal assistance to those parties wronged.  Tell that to Richard Parker, who found out a couple years after his divorce, via DNA testing, that his 3-year old son, whom he was required to pay child support for, wasn’t his.  Florida law requires that he could only petition the court within 12-months of his divorce to file his lawsuit.  He took his case to the state’s Supreme Court, which rejected his claim 7-0.  Justice Kenneth Bell wrote the decision, saying, “while some individuals are innocent victims of deceptive partners, adults are aware of the high incidence of infidelity and only they, not the children, are able to act to ensure that the biological ties they may deem essential are present.”  So, the state of Florida is basically saying it’s a man’s fault that he trusts his wife, and that he can be financially punished if he doesn’t figure it out quickly enough after his divorce.  My blood boils. In what world is this just? Oh yeah, this one, right here in the United States. The article goes on to state that “most states have laws that permit courts to order men who have been deceived to continue to make child- support payments even when they have no biological connection to the child”, so don’t think this injustice is only Florida’s problem.

This is just one example in a myriad of legal instances where men are considered second-class citizens in the eyes of Family Courts and the law.  The best recourse men have is to simply never get married.  At least you won’t end up paying for a kid that isn’t yours.  More discussions to follow…


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